5 Creative Ideas For Organizing Your Child's Stuffed Animal Menagerie


Stuffed toys are a fun and comforting part of childhood. If your child has a growing collection, you'll want to think of a creative yet practical way to organize and display them. Before your child's stuffed animals take over the entire bedroom, keep them neatly accessible and aesthetically pleasing by considering the following ideas:

1. Rock-a-Bye Teddy and Friends in a Cradle

Do you have a cradle or bassinet from your child's infancy kept in storage? Rather than let it gather dust in the attic, it's time to put it to good use. A cradle or bassinet can make a charming home to bean bag collectibles or small plush. Not only can this be a functional solution, it can add an aesthetic appeal as part of your nursery or child's room decor. Kids will also have fun arranging the stuffed toys in a cradle and rocking their plush pals to sleep.

2. Hang a Garden Planter from the Bedroom Ceiling

Here's an unusual and creative idea. Almost any (unused) household planter can hold and display a few small stuffed toys easily. Place them inside the planter and hang it from your child's bedroom ceiling. It's cute and clever, and will keep Teddy and friends off the floor.

3. Transform a 12-Cube Shoe Organizer Into a Palace for Plushies

Those stackable 12-cube shoe organizers don't have to be exclusively used for shoe storage. Each section features a cube that is several inches deep, allowing you to place a several small stuffed toys in each cube. The laminated wood cube organizers are easy to assemble, and because you can stack them, you can add more as your child's stuffed toy collection grows.

4. Consider an Over the-Door Multi-Purpose Pocket Organizer

You've probably seen them at your favorite department store. Maybe you've purchased one or two for organizing small household items over the door. These organizers hang over any standard door, with no tools required. With mesh or plastic pockets, they are perfect for organizing small stuffed toys and keeping them out of the way.

5. Hang a Mesh Net or Hammock From Corner to Corner of the Wall

You can find this at toy and specialty stores. It's a storage hammock-type net with reinforced stitching. It will include hardware for hanging and is designed to hold lightweight stuffed toys. The net is see-through, allowing your child to view his or her stuffed toy collection. Best of all, it is hung from corner-to-corner of the wall, without taking up floor space. You can remove the net as needed for easy cleaning in the washing machine.


18 August 2016

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