5 Creative Ideas For Organizing Your Child's Stuffed Animal Menagerie


Stuffed toys are a fun and comforting part of childhood. If your child has a growing collection, you'll want to think of a creative yet practical way to organize and display them. Before your child's stuffed animals take over the entire bedroom, keep them neatly accessible and aesthetically pleasing by considering the following ideas: 1. Rock-a-Bye Teddy and Friends in a Cradle Do you have a cradle or bassinet from your child's infancy kept in storage?

18 August 2016

How To Make A Hanging Jewelry Holder With A Wooden Silverware Tray


If you are looking for a fun, easy, and affordable project to make with wooden silverware trays, you may want to consider making hanging jewelry holders. These holders not only serve the function of keeping your jewelry organized, but they are also nice pieces of art to display on the walls of your home. The best part is that these are easy to make and require very few supplies. Here are the steps you will need to complete to make a hanging jewelry holder with a wooden silverware tray.

8 June 2016