A Silver Coin Perfect For A History Buff


If you're a coin collector, and you are also a history buff, then there are many great coins to enjoy. These coins can help make history come to life. They were part of the stories you read about in books and watch in documentaries. The coins passed hands during some of the most historic times in the countries history. While you could say that any old coin would fit that description, the Morgan Silver dollar is a bit more unique. This coin was part of the political discussion of the day, namely the fight between gold and silver coinage. There were those who were for bimetallism (the use of silver and gold), namely farmers and miners out west. And then there were those who wanted the country to be only on the gold standard, most eastern institutions and bankers.

The Morgan silver dollar is one of the most famous silver dollars ever issued in the United States. It's a classic that you can find in any used coin store, or place that sells gold and silver. They were super abundant, so you can pick them up without spending a ton of money.

The interesting thing about the Morgan Silver dollar was that it was issued after the Coinage Act of 1873, which was an attempt to limit "free silver". This was a move by those looking to favor gold, and who wanted to limit farmers' ability to mint silver. However, the enormous silver mining discoveries, and the miners power lobbying Washington, led to the passage of the Bland-Alison Act. This act called for the government to purchase a set amount of silver from the miners and use it to mint coins. This law was later repealed and a new law (the Sherman Silver Purchase Act) was passed into law.

The entire history of the Morgan Silver dollar is tied up with the issues of "Free Silver," inflation, and whether or not gold or silver and gold should be the standard. There was a depression and many silver advocates believed that the use of silver would benefit the small farmers and the average person, whereas gold (which was much more limited in supply) would crush people because it would drive prices up. The issue is super complex, and there are entire books devoted to the subject you can read. Having one of the actual coins on your table while you're reading the book can help you appreciate the text even more.


18 May 2017

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