Purchasing New Calligraphy Pens


Being able to transform letters into small pieces of art can be a simple and effective way to spruce up your written correspondence. Learning the art of calligraphy allows you to generate whimsical and elegant lettering that can be used to address wedding invitations, holiday cards, and even heartfelt notes to a loved one.

Having access to the right kind of pens is critical when it comes to the quality of your calligraphy. Here are three tips to purchasing new calligraphy pens which will perform properly well into the future.

1. Consider your traveling needs.

If you plan to use your calligraphy skills while you are away from home (perhaps at a craft show or fair), then you will need to invest in pens that can travel easily. Some calligraphy pens can be very delicate and must be stored in an upright position to prevent serious damage.

These pens can be difficult to transport, so you should opt for a felt marker or fountain pen instead. These types of writing tools are durable and come in a variety of colors, making them the perfect choice for calligraphy on the go.

2. Consider your comfort.

Since it can take a bit of time to complete lettering in a calligraphy style, you want to ensure that the writing tools you are using feel comfortable in your hand. Some people prefer a pen with a narrow grip, while others find that they have more control using a pen with a wider grip.

Be sure to test out pens with varying grip sizes to determine which will provide you with the most comfort as you engage in lengthy calligraphy projects in the future.

3. Consider your skill level.

As you invest in new calligraphy pens, it can be beneficial to honestly assess your skill level. If you are just learning how to write in a calligraphy style, then you may want to purchase pens that are simple to use.

Fountain pens come equipped with cartridges that regulate the flow of ink automatically, preventing the need to dip your pen into an inkwell mid-letter. For a beginner, this continuous supply of ink can help ensure continuity and reduce errors. If you have a significant amount of experience writing in a calligraphy style, then a dip pen or quill can help you achieve the nuanced designs you desire.

Being able to create calligraphy lettering requires access to the right writing tools. Be sure that you take your travel needs, your comfort, and your skill level into consideration when purchasing new calligraphy pens so that you end up with writing tools equipped to meet your needs. Visit a pen retailer like Flax Pen To Paper to see the variety of pens available.


6 September 2017

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