Thimble Cages: What Are They?


What is a thimble cage? 

A thimble cage is a small enclosure, usually made of silver, used to hold a thimble. It is meant to help you keep track of your thimble and give you easy access to your thimble whenever you need it. 

A Brief History of a Thimble and Thimble Cage

Thimbles have probably been around as long as sewing has, but their existence was first recorded in the 10th century. Old-fashion thimbles looked much like our thimbles today: a small metal cap with a porous surface. They were most often made of brass since it was the most common and least expensive metal available at the time. 

Later, thimble makers experimented with different materials: silver, gold, ivory, wood, china, and even gems. Soon thimbles were adorned and even became collectible instead of just useful. People started to give ladies thimbles as gifts, sometimes personalized or with tiny engravings of a landmark or landscape. Thimbles were also used to measure things like gunpowder.

As thimbles became more and more popular, manufacturers tinkered with them and improved their process so that they were more durable, sometimes using steel with a silver overlay for durability and beauty. 

With thimbles came the increasing problem of losing thimbles. Thimbles are small and easily misplaced, and people who did a lot of sewing were in need of a way to keep them close. Enter the thimble cage. Thimble cages gave seamstresses and tailors an easy and stylish way to keep an eye on their thimble and not have it roll out of sight when they weren't using it. Sometimes a thimble was attached to a chatelaine, an old-fashioned keychain-like device that women wore at their waists. Some of these may have been in thimble cages as well. A chatelaine was used to hold multiple household trinkets, like scissors, keys, and, of course, thimbles. 

Later, thimble cages began to be worn as jewelry, necklaces that are stylish works of art in their own right. Thimble cages can be elaborate and intricate, with different designs and made of different metals. People often display collectible thimbles in a thimble cage. They can be hung from a chain, and since they are right there, you always have your thimble when you need it. 

Buying a Thimble Cage

There are many companies and people that make thimble cages. Many cages are built to be opened without having to pull the chain off of your neck for easy access. You can find a thimble cage in just about any design you want and can usually buy a matching thimble as well. 

To learn more, contact a thimble cage supplier.


12 May 2020

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